iRhea M3

Managing cafe made easier

60 cups / hour

iRhea can brew Drip Coffee

Keep consistent quality & Low operating cost

    Hand drip as it is...

       iRhea's dual boiler system, adopted for the first time in the world among 

       drip coffee machines, allows you to set the temperature differently for each 

       extraction stage, enabling coffee extraction closest to hand drip.

Keep quality
Able to set the extraction recipe elaborately to provide consistent quality coffee.
Just like hand drip
You can set the hand drip process, such as temperature and pause time.
Save cost
Anyone can select a stored recipe to fill a large order of high-quality drip coffee without trained staff.
 High efficiency
Minimize training and employment.

Innovative features

Easy & Simple


Easily and simply press a button to extract



Automatically measure the weight of 

the coffee and extract

Excellent Design


Sensible design suitable for cafe interior

Constant Quality


Uniform quality coffee extraction

no matter who served

World First 

Dual Heating System

Equipped with the world's first 

hot water mixing boiler

Favorite Recipe


Convenience through recipe favorites 

saving function


Detail Setting

Temperature setting function for 

each stage of extraction

Spout Calibration


Weight, nozzle center, flow rate 

calibration function for detail control


working Spouts

Individual settings and operation 

for each spout

 Nozzle Height 


Design that can adjust the height of 

the nozzle up and down


LCD for each Spout 

Individual LCD for each spout, 

individual operation control possible

Easy & quick 

Recipe Sharing

Recipe sharing function that allows 

multiple machines and stores to operate